Special Wrapping

We even do special wrapping

Special Wrapping

At Storm Removals, we want to ensure that everything we are transporting is well-packed and free from unwanted damage during the big move. For that we provide all the right wrapping material and knowledgeable staff that will ensure that your household or office goods are packed properly.

Special wrapping is used to protect your goods from unwanted damage to fragile things like ornaments, lamps, glassware, electronics and more, which are usually caused during the move.

Special Wrapping will protect against problems like bubble marks on wood, cracks in glassware and other fragile objects, dust and marks transferred by materials such as ink and paint. There is no need to worry about what is used where, as our team will be able to determine the correct wrapping materials to be used to keep your goods safe.

Bubble Wrap

Cushion Kraft


Plastic Covers

Clear and Buff Tape

Security Tape

White Newsprint