Move DIY

Storm removals is on the move again, changing the game….

Move DIY

Well, to put it in simple term’s, you can choose a truck to be rented by your-self at a flat rate, and or per load there after. You as the customer need to arrange your own team on the day. We will supply the truck, an experienced driver, trollies and blankets. Any an all stock that is required needs to be arranged with the office staff at an extra cost.
Please see below the stock offered.

  • Bubble Wrap (1250 w x 100 m) R 380
  • Cushion Kraft (1250 w x 70 m) R 950
  • Stock 6 packing box (600 l x 450 w x 300 h) R 35
  • Stock 5 packing box (450 l x 300 w x 300 h) R 23
  • Mattress Covers (queen size pocket) R 30
  • Clear Tape (50 m) R 10
  • Plain Label’s R 2
  • Edge Guard (25mm x 25mm x 1m) R18
  • News print (7kg) R 200
  • Fragile Labels R 2
  • “this side up” Labels R 2

Trucks available

  • 2.5 ton @ R 950.00 1st load, there after R 780.00 per load
  • 3 ton @ R1690.00 1st load, there after R 950.00 per load
  • 5 ton @ R 2350.00 1st load, there after R 1225.00 per load
  • 8 ton @ R 5800.00 1st load, there after R 3010.00 per load

All prices include VAT, and cover diesel cost within a 50 km’s from our offices in Honeydew, the mentioned prices are for the 1st load only.